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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

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Management needs information to evaluate customer, product and sales rep profitability, sales and growth.  The Sales Analysis Module provides information that will help management in locating strengths and weaknesses.

How can I find who are our largest customers for a particular Class, Industry, Territory or Salesperson?

The 'Rank Accounts By Month and Year-To-Date Sales' report will find the largest dollar volume customers for one or any range of customers, Class, Industry, Territory or Salesperson.  The report allows you to enter the number of top customers that you are interested in.  This report is a valuable tool for performing traditional ABC Analysis.  For example, you can determine what number of customers make up 80% of your sales.

How can I determine which salespeople are making the most contribution to profit?

There are several reports which will show this information.  The 'Current Year vs. Previous Year' and the 'Margin Comparison By Salesperson' reports can be used.  In addition, the 'Current Year vs. Previous Year' report will also provide margin information for customers, product lines, and industries.

My company has set up AccountMate based on our fiscal year-end; however, we want to see sales analysis reports based on a calendar year.  Can this be done?

Yes, many reports have option buttons to select calendar or fiscal year reporting.  Other reports either require specific date ranges to be entered or assume calendar year reporting.

Can we send a monthly sales summary report by year by customer to each of my salespeople?

The 'Sales By Customer' report can be selected to show any number of years history in summary or detail.  Each year shown includes the month's sales for each customer.  This report, as well as other reports, can be selected to break on salesperson.

The company recently completed a sales force reorganization.  I don't want customers' sales to show under two different salespeople.  How can the Sales Analysis module handle this?

Many of the reports have option buttons that allow selection of sales data based on the sales person currently assigned in the customer table.  By choosing this option all sales to that customer would be shown according to the new sales force organization.

Is there a report that can show us which products are the top sellers and which products are the worst sellers?

The 'Rank Items By Month and Year to Date Sales' can be selected either way.  The selection criteria allows you to input the range of ranking.  If 1 to 25 is entered, the top 25 items will be shown.  If 200 to 281 is entered, the items ranked 200 to 281 will be shown.

We need to see product unit sales volumes as well as the dollar sales value. Are there reports that will show us both?

There are two reports that will show both product unit and dollar sales.  These reports can be sorted and selected in a variety of ways.  The 'Sales by Customer and Product' report and the 'Sales by Product' report will show product, unit and dollar sales.

I would like to distribute the 'Profit Analysis by Sales Person' report and the 'Current Year vs. Previous Year' report to my sales people without margin information.  Can I do this?

Yes.  The 'Sales Analysis by Sales Person' report is the same as the 'Profit Analysis' report except that margin information will not show.  The 'Current Year vs. Previous Year' report has option buttons to exclude margin information.



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