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Sales Forecast / Sales Analysis Module 
for AccountMate

The Sales Forecast and Sales Analysis Module for AccountMate (AM) provides essential analysis tools.  Create any number of sales reports and custom forecast scenarios.  At report time, choose how to compare and rank sales dollars, quantities or profit margins— by customer, salesperson, product or product line, YTD, MTD or current to previous year— with hundreds of possible variations.  It is completely integrated with AM and has the same report interface.

You can use this reporting tool to evaluate products and salespeople—determine which ones are contributing most to overhead and profit.  Produce historical sales reports for use in future planning.

The Sales Forecast and Sales Analysis Module is very flexible.  You can group the information the way you need to see it.  Preview reports prior to printing or print directly.  Use calendar year or fiscal year tables.  Decide what information to show to specific groups within your organization.

All installation processes are automated into one setup program.

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