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Bullet  Shareholder Accounting


Business Problem:

It becomes difficult to manage and track the stock of even closely held companies once there are more than a dozen or so investors, and once there are changes in ownership, dividends, etc. 


StockTrack is sold nationally to Transfer Agents and individual companies to meet this need.  StockTrack handles the transfer of stock, dividends, proxies, reinvestment and tax reporting.

The StockTrack shareholder management system enables a company or stock transfer agent to effectively manage all of the activities associated with the issuance and registration of stock certificates, proxy voting, dividend disbursement, dividend reinvestment and stock splits for one or multiple companies. Many reports, the ability to generate files for mail merge and tax reporting are included.


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 Internet / Intranet

Design and implementation of database internet/intranet sites.  We specialize in internal intranets and business to business internet sites.


Bullet  Financial Services

Credit Card Application Tracking

This system is used to manage the receipt of tens of thousands of credit card applications each month.  It tracks the applications and related application fees and security deposits from receipt through processing and issuing the credit card.  In addition, it reports on information about the credit exposure and performance of these cards after the accounts are set up.  The system uses bar code technology as well as SQL server to handle the huge amount of data.  Automated mail and email is sent out by the system to keep applicants up-to-date on the status of their applications.  The system generates ACH files to collect fees and deposits from applicants and interfaces with imaging and telephone systems to provide efficient customer service.


Bullet  Project Management

Scholastic - Production System

The Production System tracks the different steps and milestones involved in producing a book.

This system is used by the Scholastic Paperback and Hardcover Production Departments to track each phase of book production against target dates entered in advance. Actual dates for dozens of milestones are entered into the Production system for each title.

Reports are available on current status, change in status, and exceptions (books that are running late in some aspect of production).  Reports can be filtered by many criteria including editor, line, first use dates and more. Report criteria can be saved and reused.

A web-based component of this system makes a set of the Production system reports available to Scholastic personnel who need to review this information.


One Call Home Repairs, LLC

"The Pipeline" - the command center of this order management software system - gives users access to all projects by status.  At a glance, management can see the number and total dollar value of work orders awaiting quotes, awaiting approval from the customer, requiring follow-up, awaiting completion, and more.


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Verizon Work Force Scheduler

Figtree developed the Work Force Scheduling system (WFS) used at Verizon to schedule workers, enter and track vacations, track overtime, and build call out lists based on overtime status.  The system is flexible and includes many methods of scheduling and calculating overtime credit. 


Site Inspections, LLC

Business Problem:

An insurance industry company wanted to start a completely web-based business to provide property inspections for insurance agencies.


Site Inspections, LLC is a Web-based B2B business that allows insurance agencies to order and review property inspections on-line.  The system automatically dispatches field reps to complete the inspections based on evaluating the rep's distance from the site and workload.  Inspections are uploaded to the site, reviewed and posted for the insurance agency customers.  Invoices are generated on the site based on customer profiles and expense information provided by field reps.  This information is passed to a standard accounting system.


Bullet  Distribution

Tech Trading/DPI

The office copier/printer supply industry is highly competitive. In order to grow and stay profitable, Tech Trading needed a scalable and customizable business system that would provide information to operate efficiently, handle high volumes and generate profits on very small margins.


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Bullet  Publishing Industry

Scholastic - Fact Sheet

This Windows-based system is used to generate promotional and informational packets about Scholastic books. Users type in a short summary, marketing information, comparative titles and other blurbs and information and the system then generates several types of fact sheets. The system can also generate a file of title information for use by and other online book stores. The Fact Sheet system provides a central location for this vital data. Before development of this system, such information was available in Word documents, spreadsheets, and hard copy (such as index cards) spread throughout Scholastic.


Bullet  Sales Analysis Add-On for AccountMate®

Business Problem:

AccountMate® Accounting software is a full featured accounting solution and does an excellent job managing accounting and capturing detailed sales data.  There are many built-in reports on total sales by customer and total sales by item. The Sales Analysis module provides additional in-depth sales analysis reporting such as the comparative detail of items a customer buys, or customers by the items they buy.


The Sales Analysis and Forecasting module developed by Figtree provides in depth sales reporting.  It ranks and compares sales by product, salesperson, and customer.  Sales of items can be viewed in dollars and quantities for particular customers and salespersons.  It integrates completely as a module in AccountMate.  As it shares the same user interface as all standard AccountMate modules, there is no extra training required.

Bullet  XML


Figtree had previously developed a desktop system to track book specs and book summaries.  We also developed an intranet-based system to track author information.  This information is stored in their internal database.  They needed to make this data available to partners.  XML is used to transfer this information.


The Book People, USA - Book distributor

Business Problem:

Needed more and simple tools for franchisees to find potential customers, build book lists, and provide management reporting.


Web and PDA applications for inventory and order tracking.

Sales reps use PDAs in the field.  XML web services are used to synchronize information between the PDA and web databases, download lists of customers to visit and upload sales information.


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Bullet  Mortgage Industry


Figtree's MortgagePlus package supports and enhances the Genesis 2000 mortgage software with enhanced reporting and additional functionality.  Users can create reports not available through the Genesis 2000 system that provide enhanced management information, as well as reporting required by government agencies.  MortgagePlus also allows splitting commissions to a second loan officer and reporting on this split.


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Bullet  Bar Codes

Tech Trading/DPI

The office copier/printer supply industry is highly competitive. In order to grow and stay profitable, Tech Trading needed a scalable and customizable business system that would provide information to operate efficiently, handle high volumes and generate profits on very small margins.


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Bullet  Telephony

Kimber Petroleum Corp. - Largest independent gasoline distributor in New Jersey.

Business Problem:

Live phone order taking and Manual dispatching were very time consuming and required extensive training of personnel.


Automated system for order taking, dispatching, reporting, invoicing.

The Telephony and server-based software that Figtree developed, called Tiller, allows gas station personnel to send orders via telephone that are automatically entered into the system.  Loads are calculated, orders are dispatched, actual delivery information entered and invoices are produced within Tiller.

This system saves Kimber a great deal of time allowing for more efficient use of personnel.

The telephone-based Tiller System automates orders for gasoline deliveries because the old person-to-person phone calls were too time-consuming. Gas stations can enter orders or enter inventory information by touch-tone phone. Data is made available to the desktop system in real-time. The Administrator does not have to answer the phone to take orders and can concentrate on scheduling the deliveries.

The desktop-based Tiller System allows users to view daily orders. It includes tools to schedule deliveries; balance routes for drivers; and print Bills of Lading, Invoices and other reports.


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Bullet  Web-Based Sales Training

Business Problem:

One of the world's largest computer manufacturers needed to provide training to a far flung sales force.  It was important that the site be easy to use, that it could be implemented quickly, and that the web site should be customizable for different regions of the world.


The Intranet Training web site developed by Figtree tracks student's progress; provides and checks answers to exam questions; provides a custom printable certificate when the course is completed.


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